Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tricky That Way

This is how our little man loves to spend an afternoon. It never ever gets old to him and he does it over and over and over and over... You get the idea!

Up the stairs

At the top

This is how our boy comes down the stairs. Yep, we tried to teach him to come down on his stomach, legs first but nope he wasn't having any of it. He is tricky that way.

Laughing all the way down

Reached the bottom step

Don't get fooled, we thought he was going to walk here too. He still is not walking anywhere alone.He walks around the table, the couch,etc. He will be 15 months old on Monday.This is new to us, the Thomson and Croft children were walking all over the place way before this age!

He turns right around and heads back up to do it all over again...up.down.repeat!

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Veronica Tyler said...

It's the little things that make us smile!

Grace didn't walk until she was 15 months, I though all kids walked at or before 12 months before her.