Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Tramp

After a long sunny day at the beach, we like to come back to the cabin and hang out on the tramp! This was Tayten's first time on the lake tramp, I probably should say the tramp at the cabin or the trampoline. The words lake tramp conjures up images of something completely different.(the lady, and I use that word loosely, at the beach who thought her under garments could double as a swim suit, just might be a lake tramp.... just sayin') Back to trampolines, Tayten really loved crawling around and jumping with his Daddy. I think he needs 2 for his 2nd birthday. One at Grandma's and one at Daddy's house.

Don't mess with Tayten. This looks like he is about to punch someone out, doesn't it?

My heart just melts for this kid!

1 comment:

Veronica Tyler said...

I saw a few lake tramps out there too...

Grace loves the tramp oline and Max does not. Isn't it funny what kids decide they like?

Tayten looks so stinking sweet in those pics!