Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pack Expansion

Meet Hurley. His name should be Miracle. Hurley was one of those "free" puppies that was in a box all alone in front of a Wal-mart. Cue Sven who is walking into Wal-Mart to buy his lovely wife something for their anniversary. Sven sees box which says "free puppy" and waits maybe half a second and opens the box, Sven immediately falls in love, takes puppy home, wonders if Ash will be mad when she gets off of work and of course she falls in love too! Everyone lives happily ever after right?

Hurley seemed to be ill, pretty much from the get go and after a visit to the vet and some tests, little Hurley was diagnosed with full on parvo! 90% of puppies that are as sick as Hurley was, die. The vet gave Hurley an IV and some medication and told them that they should really put him down. They decided to take him home and if he wasn't any better the next morning they would take him back to the vet to do just that. The next morning "Miracle" was hungry,wanted to eat and wasn't vomiting anymore! Yeah!! He was not able to be around any of our dogs for at least a month, but made his Bear Lake debut last week.

Welcome to the pack, Hurley! Sami, Aggie, Charli, Bella, Cabo are glad to have you!

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