Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not In The Mood?!?

When dinner with Tayten starts out like this....

You know he is not in the mood to eat....just to throw his food into the dog bowl. Here is Bella gulping the "new garlic flavored" water Tayten made for her! Soon all 4 dogs were gathered round the bowl, wondering who was going to actually eat the garlic bread! Aggie-1, Charli-1, both little dogs were completely shut out! You know all those dogs are going to expect "flavored" water from now on!

Notice the innocent little cup of ranch? Just sitting there minding its own business...

Yep, Tayten noticed it too...

Do you like your ranch stirred or shaken?

Why waste all that time with the spoon?

Tasty... thanks Pizza Plus

So here is his cute little crossed legs again, this was at the beginning of dinner...

This is his cute little legs once he discovered the ranch...He was super excited!

There's that profile that I love so much!

And he knows a few tricks, Look Dad- NO HANDS

That was so good while it lasted...

Finito... someone get me outta here!

I think there is a bath, with my name all over it!

PS- No shirt was ruined in the making of this post! They don't call me the Laundry Queen for nothing, you know!

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