Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Talk S.P.A.M.

This kind...

Not this kind...

Those of you that know me, know that my job is Human Resources Manager for a really wonderful and successful company.I love my job! Best job I have EVER had. Yep, it's that once in a lifetime kind of job that I just "fell" into and will never leave. Yes, it's that good!

The one thing that drives me crazy at work is the amount of SPAM/JUNK EMAIL I receive each and every day. It is like an avalanche of discusting filth, and drug enticed notices that try to get me to open their message by being ever so creative with their "subject" line.

Here is just a sampling of the lovely little "love" notes I received in my outlook/webmail (yes, i manage several email accounts) in just a few hours one afternoon.

Who are these people?? Seriously.

Men want his. Women love this.
Bring intensity to your acts
To men: you can do it
Pilules for you
Clipping disgraceful Antoinette
Partial employment
Thanks you very much
Foci’s Constantinople foil
Sherie open and get 80% of a geographical
Intelligent people buy affordable luxuries
Great job!
Too busy to go back to school for a pleasant life
Need a superior life?
Greetings, info, look at our sale
We accept visa, mastercard
Restore madness of youths lechery
Get overexcited
Why go to Harvard, beat the system for more
Greetings humanresources look at our sale
Yet touchingly respectful
The pill form gives you a unique sophistication
Gain more friends, get the best
Important inks blurting
Sale prices all week, short he native
Dear mr.info reveal excitement
Dear mr. human resources
You have the experience but lack the properness
Set macho mode on
Hier ist das link
Secret of super ero-strength
No description
Discover the secrets of medical science
Make your momma to scream all the night long
(possible spam) Enjoy!

Seriously, ENOUGH already!

1 comment:

Matt Kearl said...

Do those all come into outlook? Or are they in the spam folder in webmail?
Because if I'm not mistaken your webmail shouldn't ever receive those at all. I'm just say'n. ;)

I know you and Rob will never switch over, but seeing it here on your blog, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to harass you here as well.

Gmail is the BEST. haha. Laters Hoser.