Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Remedy for Cabin Fever

Since college football is over we decided to get out of "dodge" and head to the big city last Saturday. The Cache Valley January cabin fever has set in with most of us and we needed a remedy, QUICK! So, we all climbed in Colby's truck and headed to The Living Planet Aquarium. We had no idea what to expect but it sounded like a good reason to go to SLC and eat at the Cheesecake Factory.When we first pulled into the parking lot and looked at the building (picture like an old k-mart store maybe) Andy was not sure what his mom had talked him into doing on his day off from school.The parking lot was packed and so we were sure that we were going to have a good time! It was a blast!

Note- There is picture overload with this post but Tayten loves to look at the pictures and so this will be an easy way to keep them all in one place to show him.

Stingrays- Tayten would not touch them or stand next to the pool that they were in. He was very excited to watch them from the safety of someones arms!

Something really gross that we were allowed to touch, but chose not too. I think you can see why.

Tayten would never let his Daddy go too far away. He loved the fish and turtle in this aquarium until the turtle suddenly turned and headed straight for him. Let's just say he wasnt having any of it!

This one is out of order, but these are piranha.

More of the scary turtle.

Crocodile or Alligator. I can't remember which this is.

Almost every corner we turned around there was a sign saying the exhibit was sponsored by Cache Valley Electric or Jim Laub. Kinda funny!

We named this guy, King Penguin because he never moved off of this little ledge above all the other peasant penguins.He always looked like he was bossing everyone around with his little flippers, arms whatever.

Almost as tall as a penguin!

Kenz and I love seahorses so here are a few of my best shots!

Can you see the fish in this picture? These were really funny to watch as they vertically bobbed along.

Some sort of a shrimp.

These are the lion fish. We watched these for a long time. Amazing!

Octopus. Yes, I was the lady who was taking flash photography and you are not supposed to near the octopus. As soon as we got into the aquarium I looked for signs that said no photos or no flash photography and there weren't any.I even sat my camera on the front counter as we paid and no one told me no flash. Oops!

My cute cute girlies! They had to wait for many small children to have their pictures taken first.

Auntie Kenz and Tayten. He wanted his Daddy!

Content to sit on frog with Dad.

Can you spy with your little eye the frog? Tayten loved this exhibit!

Tayten would not walk at all in the aquarium until we came out to the front lobby area. He was sucking his thumb which I had never ever seen him do before.

Then he went for an advanced move, sucking thumb with finger in nose! Too cute!

Andy & Alyson

As we were walking through the gift shop we came across this Poo Paper.Funny end to our aquarium outing. We had so much fun, we were there about 2 hours and we would def go back again.

We then went to a late lunch complete with cheesecake, made a stop at Nordstrom to visit Kenzie's friend Morgan who works for MAC makeup. Al got a mini makeover, we hit up Sephora and then headed to The Gateway! Tayten was so good, driving, at lunch and everthing we did he was so happy!

A perfect day!

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Veronica Tyler said...

I went there when it first opened and I wasn't impressed at all, there were so many people and one whole "wing" was closed, maybe we need go go back....It looks like you guys had fun!