Monday, December 27, 2010

A Lot of Christmas

Could it be Christmas without a Bieber calendar? I say yes, but Kenz was thrilled to get this as one of her gifts from Andy & Alyson.

Another gift that Alyson made for Kenzie was some of those cute headbands that button and several necklaces with interchangeable pieces. Al did a fantastic job they are so cute!

This little guy was so sleepy when he arrived at noon. Colby changed his shirt for dinner and this is how we found him.In his normal sleeping position, his little legs tucked under and his bum in the air!

Opening presents with Daddy

Tayten was so silly and so much fun!

Andy & Alyson opening some fun games from Colby!

On to the good stuff...

By the time Tayten made it to my parents house he crashed.

Aunt NieNie really wanted to hold him so she picked him up and snuggled him until he woke up!She is going to make a great Grandma come May!

Andy and Alyson

Colby and Al

My Favorite 4

Some of the most special people I know... Riley,Kenzie,Andy,Ashley,Sven,Alyson,Colby and Baby Rasmussen who will make her debut late April or early May!

Daddy & Tayten

Tayten's "mad" face

He definately loves his Daddy!

Auntie Kenz and Tayten

We are so glad that he likes her again!

Kaycie, Kenzie and Tayten

You just have to love the way Tayten is trying to love on her!

Sure I will sit by you if you have treats!

At the end of the night everyone spread out on the floor and we watched a movie!! Best Christmas!

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