Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Does A Week Seem Like Forever?!?

When you don't see this cutie for 7 days! It seems like forever! When Colby got here this afternoon, Tayten had the biggest grin on his face! I had wondered all week if he would remember us, but he did. I was worrying for nothing. He had grown sooo much in the last week, maybe not, but to us he was definately bigger, sweeter, cuter and his hair is growing back!! He is so precious, we couldn't love on him enough!

Getting ready for dinner

Yes, he had to hold the fork

Lounging around

Tayten loves this lawn mower... he acts like it is a vacuum and will crawl all around pushing it. He is really good at getting in all the corners.. This kid is thorough, I must say!

Just chillin'

There's that smile that melts a Grandma's heart

The week before last Tayten started grabbing our noses, and so when he did we would say "honk, honk" and he would laugh and laugh. Tonight while he was sitting on the floor he grabbed his own nose and made this funny "honking" sound. I wish I had the camcorder close because it was hilarious.

Colby and Tayten headed outside with the dogs after dinner

I think that grass might tickle a bit.

Tayten loved being up on Colby's shoulders... little hard for Colby to see but what the heck!

Before we went in for Tayten's bath, we went walking through the sprinklers and he loved stomping in the puddles on the sidewalk! Tayten is developing quite the little personality and it is so fun to see things through his little eyes and watch him change and grow! Not to quickly though, we want to enjoy every stage of our lil' man turning into a terrible 2, then 3, 4 5, 6, 7!

You get the idea right?

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