Monday, July 26, 2010

A Drive To The Lake....

Colby has been helping my Dad a lot over the last several months at Bear Lake. On Memorial Day my Mom, Tayten and I took a leisurely drive to the lake to see how things were progressing. It was so cold over there, the wind was howling! The view of the lake never gets old... It is spectacular!!

The girls and Tayten went to the best little sandwich place in Fish Haven called Gladys. Yummy sandwiches that are so big you can only eat half and the rest you take home for dinner. Each sandwich comes with a huge slice of dill pickle. Tayten ate my WHOLE pickle. It was such a photo op but no camera was to be found! Trust me, he was super funny and loved that pickle!

It is our week at the lake starting today, so glad the weather is saying HOT and SUNNY. Bear Lake here we come!

Tayten picked up this piece of wire, just like a little electrician... He was ready to work!

Grandpa T's doodles....I mean plans.

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