Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blogging for Kenzie...

Well, We are sitting here tonight and Kenzie said "are you blogging?" I said " I should it has been awhile!" Then Kenzie said "you should blog ALL about me!! I am cute, amazing, funny, the best person in our family and my mom REALLY loves me ALOT!" So there you have it. She is not lacking for self esteem now is she?

This has been a busy week with school starting for Kenz at Mountain Crest and Andy at USU. Andy has started a second night job working with his mom at Quik Check. For one of his classes he has to memorize 14 plants each week with their common and scientific name. Already he runs around saying "Quiz me,Quiz me!"

For awhile now Jason has been telling me that I need to get a hobby! So yesterday Kenzie and were in The Book Table getting supplies to make an All About Kenzie Poster for her Interior Design class and we did it. We got a hobby!! We have signed up for Mother and Daughter Scrapbooking Classes. We came home and told Jason we had gotten that hobby he so wanted us to have and he said "It's much cheaper than golf" and we both thought, hmmm...little does he know how many different tools and amazing accessories there are for scrapbooking. We will see how much he likes us having this hobby after a few classes! :)

I just asked Kenzie what I should write about now and she said "You could write about the Bees game we went to last Friday or you could write more about me!" So... last Friday we went to the Bees game with the IEA. The whole family went and Alyson's mom, Karen and her sister Britt came with us. Bentlee was so cute as always and Ma Maw Sheri took her to get ice cream. The Bee's lost 12-1 but we got to see some pretty good fireworks after the game. Oh and in case there was any doubt, yes we went to PF Changs first!!

The weather feels like it is starting to change around here already. It was cold this morning and Andy said it was 42 degrees riding the Zuma to work at 6:00 am. Some of the leaves are turning colors and there is a crispness to the air. Summer was too short this year and none of us are ready for winter. Bring on Fall, but Winter can stay away. We are looking forward to the last long Holiday weekend of Summer. There are so many events that will be happening in September- babies, birthdays, work parties and yes those hobbies and if there is nothing else to blog about, there is always Kenzie!

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Melissa said...

I can't believe Kenzie is in high School, what the heck!!! How fun you signed up for Mommy daugher classes!!! I just signed me and Isa up for one-mommy/baby gymnastics, we start next Friday (it should be an adventure)!!!