Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not so dedicated....to posting anyway!!

So, I have not "posted" since my first entry, however I can honestly say that I have been working on the "technical aspect" of my blog! (Does that sound like I know what I am talking about?) I have been having so much fun and have definately been "getting the word" out there to friends and family that I am doing this.

There has been so much that has happened in the last 6 months, where do I start?

Andy came home from the West Indies mission on 2/5/08 after a very successful 2 long years, at least it was for his Mother,Sister and Grandma.

A few days after he returned Colby met Annie, there was a beautiful engagment ring, a proposal,a wedding, and Jason and I immediately became Grandparents to 2 year old Bentlee Brooke!

In May Andy went on a blind date and met Alyson, they quickly became inseparable (I wonder where this is going? wink-wink) and Kenzie now has 2 "sisters" and a niece. She couldnt be happier. Shopping Buddies!

Kenzie has her first job and she is working at Pac Sun in the mall.From the pictures of her I have posted you can see she is WAY TOO CUTE for her own good.

I would be in such trouble if I didn't publicly announce to the world that Jason shot his best round of golf EVER, a 42 at Logan River Golf Course. I am pretty sure that he is still trying his hardest to replicate that day over and over and over.

You now have been caught up so to speak as to what has been going on in our family, so going forward I will update my posts in a more timely fashion....oh wait aren't the Olympics on for the next few weeks???


Tiffany said...

Wow! Sounds like you all have been busy! Im so glad you started a family blog, I love being able to keep up with everyone this way! I hope you'll keep updating so we can see whats going on.. Hugs, Tiff and Fam

Melissa said...

you are in so much trouble for not leaving a comment on my blog to tell me you had a blog, I had to find your blog address on my blogpatrol, BIG TROUBLE misses!! Cute pictures, and oh my gosh, that little grand-daughter of yours is too cute, I want to pinch those cute cheeks of hers!!