Monday, October 18, 2010


Now that Jason has moved back home after working in Orem for the last 18 months, we needed to get our organization on and decided it was time to "spring clean". So we went through closets, drawers & cupboards. We filled many a garbage bag until they couldn't hold one more thing. Every time Jason wasn't quite sure of me tossing something out, I had to remind how disturbed he was when we watched a bit of Hoarders the other night. I also went through all of Tayten's baby clothes, blankets, baby toys and boxed them up. This one was a real toughie for me as he is growing so fast. We have a little boy now and not a baby. It was fun though to do all those "remember when's" as we boxed up each outfit.

So this was our weekend! All of the kids are going deer hunting next weekend, (even my mighty hunter daughter) and Jason and I will finish the fall cleaning. I about said "Then we will be ready for Winter, BUT we are never ready for Winter".

I have to say I am loving this Fall weather right now. It could stay all the way through Thanksgiving and we wouldn't complain.

Happy Monday!

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Veronica Tyler said...

Me either! I hate being so cluttered - right now I have 2 cribs, a swing, a high chair, a baby seat, a car seat and tons and tons of clothes - where the crap does it all go?

Where is Jason working now? Have fun this weekend!