Monday, December 15, 2008

A Sunday Wii'vning with the Family!

Last night Jan and Ted invited us out for dinner and a night of Wii entertainment. We had wonderful toasted roast beef sandwiches, Riley's favorite cheese ball and crackers, I brought scallops wrapped in bacon and we made some homemade guacamole with chips. When everyone was finished eating the coffee table was pushed out of the way and "let the games begin". You can see that Andy has quite the technique when it comes to his ski jump skills... He was trying to teach everyone the move but no one could do it quite like Andy. Colby and Andy took to the boxing game right away, but there favorite was playing the Tank game together. There was tennis, duck hunting, which Alyson is focusing on so seriously, dodge ball, and so much more. I think we all laughed until we could laugh no more.We wish Ashley and Sven were there but they are coming for Christmas and I can tell there will be a few re-matches and new tournaments happening soon.

Thanks Jan and Ted, it was totally a blast!

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