Monday, December 29, 2008

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Twitch Died! Yes, that is the name of Kenzie's car and Colby was hit in Sardine Canyon on the night of the 23rd. As you can see the car is totaled, but thankfully Colby managed to get by with a few cuts from the glass,(he remembers spitting glass out of his mouth) and lots of bruises. He had glass in his left eye but that is fine now and the only real remembrance of the accident is the black and blue bruises on his left leg. They thought he might have a broken leg but he was lucky (blessed) that it wasn't.


Cassie said...

Oh my gosh, I'm glad he was okay. I know how Kenzie feels. Patch totaled my mom's car in April...I was supposed to inherit it in the Summer....It didn't end up happening:0 LOL Happy Holidays!

Kenzie Croft said...

Twitch is dead! :( good thing i love my berto because i only had twitch for three months!!

Veronica Tyler said...

We are glad Colby is okay. What a horrible thing to happen so close to Christmas. And we hate that canyon anyways!