Monday, September 15, 2008

Hair, Parties and Additions....

The SINGLE most exciting thing that happened this week is I became an Aunt to Addison Anne Ludwig. She was born on 9/12/08 to my sister Anjanette and her husband Craig.She is perfect and beautiful. However, she lives in Tempe, AZ which in times like this seems so very far away. When a picture in your email isn't enough and you just want to hold her and smell her, kiss her and watch her non stop.She is the baby sister to Kaylin 2, Lauren, 4 and Davin 6.

Oh and the SECOND most important happening from this week is Kenzie cut 5 inches off of her hair. Who would of though it? We ALL love it and she is so cute with her sassy new do!

The other item of interest this week was the Quik Check party last Thursday. We had a BBQ with our families and it really was a good time. Bentlee was the hit of the party and everyone that has heard so much about Alyson finally got to meet her. My entire family was there with Jason and I except Colby who was working the Nucor "shutdown". There were so many little kids running around and then there was Isaac who definately put on a show with his hula hoop! You can just see the amount of concentration in his little face!!


Melissa said...

Your granddaughter is just the cutest thing ever! and, that new baby is totally adorable!!!

Veronica Tyler said...

That little baby is so cute! Sometimes Hyrum seems so far away, so I can only imagine a different state! The family looks great!