Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Day Away

Our little man has gone from being a train fanatic to he can't get enough of monster trucks! We decided to take him to the monster truck show at the Maverick Center a few weekends ago. So Grandma, Pa, Daddy and Tate climbed in Colby's truck and headed to SLC. First we went and ate at PF Changs, which is our favorite. It doesn't seem like we can make a trip to SLC without stopping there. Tate loved everything we ate. He especially liked the egg drop soup, attempting to eat with chopsticks, the Dan Dan Noodles and Changs Spicy Chicken. He definitely is his Daddy's boy!

Then we made a mad dash to West Valley to see the show! Tayten was in heaven. The rest of us thought it was a little lame-o, but watching his little face and his excitement was well, priceless! Every truck that was there broke down at one point or the other. They did manage to get a few going again, and Tate loved when they had to be towed out of the arena. Grandma made sure that he had his "scary" flag to wave like all the other kids, and boy did he wave it! He would clap after every single jump and giggled continuously. As you can see in some of the photos, not so many people joined us for an afternoon of monster trucks but who cares! We had a blast.

To this day, when Tate is at my house he asks to see the pictures from the "show" and he will look at them over and over. He asks me to tell him about that day, and all the things that happened. We talk about him eating soup, his "ears" Daddy bought him, and the trucks breaking down. At the end he always says " I want to go there again, to Monster Truck Show, Grandma!" Me too, Tate.... Me too!


Brooke said...

AWESOME!! He is SOOO cute!!! I love that he wants you to tell him all about that day over and over!!! What an awesome memory! He is looking more and more like Colby all the time! SO handsome!

Veronica Tyler said...

He is so cute, I love his little smile!