Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Belated Birthday Wishes and Won Ton Soup

We finally got everyone together for Kenzie's 17th Birthday dinner, only a week late. Grandma was back in town from Arizona for a few days and we jumped at the chance to celebrate. Kenzie chose to go to The Black Pearl, which is a new chinese restaurant, that has to die for crab rangoon. Kenzie and I stopped to buy candles for the cake and she said NO CANDLES- they will sing to me if there are CANDLES! So I didn't buy the candles and as the pictures show YES, they still SANG TO HER EVEN WITHOUT CANDLES on her cake! We all sang to her, even Ashley on the phone from Cedar City! One more little tidbit ... at The Black Pearl not only does the birthday girl get FREE dessert they brought out enough for all of us... Fried Ice Cream!


Melissa said...

I heard the Black Pearl is awesome, I can't believe your baby is that old,..I remember sitting at your desk at Convergees talking about her and she was just so little back then, maybe 10 years old??? I'm learning how fast kids grow up, I wish I could slow down the clock a little!

Veronica Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Kenz!

I love the Halloween blog!